Shocking revelations about Adnan Sami Khan


Singer Adnan Sami Khan is under fire but this time his own brother Junaid Sami Khan is the reason. He has made shocking revelations about him. His brother took to social media and said Adnan is cancer. But later on, when his friends suggested that he should forget about the past and move on, he deleted his posts. But as we all know, it is not easy to undo anything on social media.

The list of his revelations is really long. Starting from Adnan Sami Khan’s birthplace, he said that he lied to the whole world that he was born in the UK but he was born in Rawalpindi on August 15, 1969. He further said that their mother is Pakistani and she is from Sargodha but Adnan has lied that she was born in India.

He further revealed about the singer’s weight loss journey that it is a lie. He got a gastric bypass and the money was paid by his father. He also told that the singer failed in O-levels and he has a fake degree. He said “Adnan lies about his degree that he earned a degree in law from the UK but in reality, he merely did his BA from Punjab University”

Talking about his marital life, he told that the singer doesn’t care about his marital affairs with his second wife Saba Galadari and he deliberately showed inappropriate videos of his wife in front of all of India and blamed it was the work of an acquaintance of Saba.

He also said that he wonders how his wife Roya lived with such a filthy person.  He also revealed that the singer also kidnaped his son Azan Sami Khan in 1997 when he was just three years old and took him to Dubai, Canada and later the United States.

Concluding his note he wrote that he understands the feelings of Pakistanis when they talk about his late father Arshad Sami that who was a hero in the anti-India war but on the other side Adnan himself has become an Indian.

Till now Adnan Sami Khan has not responded to these revelations of Junaid Sami.