Sialkot policeman accused of torturing and burning wife over dowry dispute

Picture source - AFP
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Sialkot police have filed an FIR against a policeman, accusing him of torturing and setting his wife on fire due to a dowry dispute.

Tariq Mahmood, a laborer from Satuki in the Daska tehsil of Sialkot district, told police that his 14-year-old daughter, Mubeen Fatima, was married to constable Waqas Nazir from Pasrur tehsil about five months ago.

Mahmood said that whenever he visited his daughter’s in-laws’ home, he was told that she was happy and did not want to meet her family. However, when Fatima returned home after five months, she told him that her husband had been physically abusing her, including burning her with a hot iron and chaining her up.

Mahmood alleged that Waqas also set his wife on fire by pouring petrol on her. When he asked his son-in-law about the reason for this cruelty, Waqas opened fire and threatened to kill him.

Fatima is currently receiving medical treatment at the Pasrur Tehsil Headquarters Hospital.

The complainant alleged that the accused, who was unhappy with the dowry, would often abuse his daughter, sometimes with the help of his sister Sadaf.

Sialkot District Police Officer Muhammad Hassan Iqbal ordered Pasrur Sadr police to take legal action against the accused.

In the meantime, the accused made several phone calls to a journalist, threatening to harm him. On the orders of the DPO, the police have incorporated these alleged threats against the journalist into the FIR.

According to Khurram Shehzad, a spokesperson for the Sialkot district police, the accused, who is stationed at Satrah police station, has been suspended by the DPO. The DPO has also initiated an internal investigation against the accused.

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