Simpson cartoon’s another incident of missing submarine becomes reality

    Trump and Kamala Harris becoming US president & vice president, smartwatch, and 9/11 are famous cartoon episodes that became reality

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    Another incident featured in the famous American Simpson cartoon for predicting the future became a reality.

    The incident of the missing submarine Titan going to see the wreckage of the tie tank was also shown in advance.

    Simpson’s episode aired on January 8, 2006, showed the disappearance of the submarine.

    In a cartoon clip that has went viral on social media, the father and son can be seen going to the bottom of the sea to see the wreckage of the tie tank, where the submarine loses contact. The cartoon also showed low oxygen alert.

    Simpson showed the submarine getting stuck somewhere in the sea on its way back, preventing it from reaching sea level.

    A large number of social media users commented on the clip, saying that it all seems to have happened as planned.

    Started in the year 1989, this cartoon series has been going on for more than three decades and due to the fact that the events presented in different episodes of fame are also happening in the real world.

    Some examples include Trump getting the presidency of the United States, Kamala Harris being elected vice president, introducing the idea of a smartwatch, 9/11 incident, among others.