Sindh govt releases Rs40m for Umer Sharif’s treatment abroad

*Provincial govt arranges air ambulance for ailing comedian following his public request*

The Sindh government has reportedly arranged for ailing veteran comedian Umar Sharif to be airlifted for treatment abroad and has for this purpose released Rs40 million.

Journalist Waseem Badami tweeted and thanked the provincial government after they arranged an air ambulance for Sharif. He added that the government released a total of Rs40 million for the cause.

The celebrated entertainer, who has been unwell lately, urged the government to help him access treatment abroad on Friday. His request was aired through a video message on Badami’s show. Sharif insisted that he had aided Prime Minister Imran Khan in setting up Shaukat Khanum Cancer Memorial Hospital and it was now the premier’s turn to come to his help.

Badami elaborated that Sharif’s request warranted urgent attention as the treatment for his ailment was only available in three countries, namely Saudi Arabia, Germany, and the US. The anchor added that pandemic related travel restrictions had made it difficult for Sharif to attain a visa for either of the countries and that the state’s support would be needed to expedite his travels.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Political Communication Shahbaz Gill was also called to the show and he expressed full support for Sharif on the government’s behalf. Gill said the government would reach out to German and Saudi embassies as the countries had greater proximity to Pakistan.

Meanwhile, actress Reema Khan revealed today that her husband Dr Syed Tariq would perform the ‘high-risk procedure’ to treat Sharif in the US. Reema posted a throwback photo on her Instagram account and said that her husband was doing his best to coordinate Sharif’s transfer for treatment abroad.

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