Sirajul Haq also suggests full court to diffuse tensions

Jamaat Islami chief Sirajul Haq, who is serving as a mediator to reduce political tensions, has demanded a consensual election date.

In an effort to diffuse the tension through communication, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and JI leader Siraj met last week.

The Supreme Court was currently deliberating over an election delay issue when Parliament attempted to curtail the top justice’s authority. As a result, the political crisis has now evolved into a legal one.

“The Chief Justice has the opportunity to exhibit mercy. He is respected by everybody. Let the entire court, which consists of seventeen judges, sit together to consider the matter rather than doing it in a smaller bench,” he said.

“People thought that if the matter of the election went to the Supreme Court, then the matter would be resolved, but the matter has now become more confused,” he continued.

The JI leader bemoaned that the “political fight” was harming the poor, and he said that the political unrest was terrible for the economy. These problems will get worse if we can’t come to an agreement after Eid, he continued.