Situation in Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) will normalize within two days: CM Haji Gulbar Khan

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Gilgit-Baltistan Chief Minister Haji Gulbar Khan announced on Monday that the administration has summoned clerics from all across Pakistan to help resolve a contentious matter that has been fueling sectarian tensions in the area for the past week.

At a news conference held at the CM Secretariat with the law and home ministries, Gulbar Khan asserted that the present unrest in the area would be resolved in two days. According to him, the problem arose following Agha Baqir Alhussaini’s divisive speech.

People in Diamer blocked the Karakoram Highway and demanded the cleric’s arrest after becoming alarmed by his comments. To resolve the matter, the parliamentary committee of the GB met with religious leaders in Diamer.

According to the CM, the problem was virtually resolved before tensions were revived by a sermon delivered by cleric Qazi Nisar Ahmed in Gilgit. He continued by saying it was just a sectarian matter and nothing to do with politics.

The CM stated that to resolve the dispute, the GB government has requested that discussions be held between visiting religious academics and local religious leaders. He added, “We are hoping that the religious experts would resolve the matter after consulting with local religious leaders from both religions.

The CM claimed that after a week of the problem being resolved, 4G internet access would be restored in the affected area when he was asked about the suspension of internet services.

Home Minister Shams Lone claimed that while efforts were being made to apprehend the person who posted the video, 13 police officers had been punished by the government for posting contentious material on social media.

According to Lone, 15 FIRs were filed by the GB police against religious leaders for alleged law and order violations. He claimed that the uncertainty that followed the religious leaders’ comments hurt the region’s economy, particularly its tourist, small business, and transportation sectors.

The minister claimed that this conflict was part of a plot against CPEC and the Diamer-Bhasha Dam without providing any supporting evidence.