Social media trolling has taught me to “think before speaking,” says Hira Mani.

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Actress Hira Mani is often known for her controversial statements but in a recent interview she said that due to social media trolling, she has learned to “think before speaking” on various subjects and expressing her opinion.

Hira Mani had been associated with Pakistan’s entertainment industry for more than a decade, initially as a TV presenter and later as an actress.

She played central roles in several popular television dramas, including “Do Bol,” “Mere Paas Tum Ho,” “Kashf,” and “Bandish.”

Hira Mani’s presence on social media had often been adorned with controversy. Last year, her statement regarding women went viral, which attracted severe criticism.

In that incident, she expressed her desire that Dua Zahra and Zahir Ahmed should never separate. It should be noted that Dua Zahra, a young girl, had gone missing, and later it was revealed that she had married Zahir Ahmed, a resident of Punjab.

Later, Hira Mani apologized to Dua Zahra’s parents and the public for her mistake.

During an interview with Arab News, the actress said, “I get disturbed by the trolling I face on social media, but I believe that one should think before speaking. There is nothing wrong with that.”

She further stated, “People are very sensitive. They misinterpret our statements. But why? Why can’t they be straightforward and simple? People make so many jokes that until you hide your face in a pillow and cry, they won’t find peace.”

In 2019, Hira Mani faced severe criticism when she said, “Men are more intelligent than women; therefore, women should listen to them.” In another interview, she stated, “Men are very loving, and women make them bad.”

Her remarks about men and women led to her being labeled as “irresponsible,” “insensitive,” and “anti-feminist” on social media.

When asked about her controversial statements regarding women’s rights, Hira Mani said, “Whenever something wrong happens with women, I stand with them.” She added, “For me, feminism means that if there is a woman sitting next to you on the set who is new and does not know about the industry, you should guide her.”

She further expressed, “We consider ourselves knowledgeable about women’s rights, but somewhere deep down, our inner actor comes out, and feminism goes away. Just claiming to be a feminist is not enough; it should also reflect in one’s behavior and actions.”

Hira Mani also mentioned that her personal experience with men has been somewhat positive, but she admitted that not every woman gets that privilege.

In 2008, Hira Mani got married to Salman Saqib Sheikh (Mani), who is a host and actor.