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Monday, February 6, 2023
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Society with double standards

Ours is a society where smoking by males is treated as a sign of mardangi (manhood) and the commission of the same act by females make them worthy to the title of ‘morally corrupt’. These are double standards found in our male-dominant society where male chauvinism rears its ugly head as soon as an incident happens involving a female enjoying her life on her own terms. A viral video showing model and actress Alizeh Shah smoking in a vehicle has made her earn critics’ flack. Viewers through trolls have started schooling the actress on how to behave in a public space. Her single act has made her character suspicious and a subject of utter disgrace to the society.

Smoking is not a good habit, but how many citizens have trolled prominent male personalities in the showbiz industry who smoke in pubic daily? Even in popular TV dramas, males are shown indulging in smoking in a royal manner and the public takes it lightly without treating it as a big offence but the same public goes berserk when a female is seen performing any act reserved for the men only. Their claim to equality makes the so-called custodians of society outrageous and all types of moral policing come to the fore.

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Most of the trolls remain oblivious to the moral offences committed during the capturing of the video in question. Who allowed someone to shoot the actress’ private moments without her permission? Did he not commit trespassing on the actress’s personal life? Instead of interfering in others’ life and passing out undue criticism, one should look into one’s own faults that become a disgrace to the society.

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