Sonam Bajwa promises fans to visit Pakistan this year

Indian/Punjab model and actor Sonam Bajwa has said that she will visit Pakistan this year.

She recently saw tremendous success because of her beautiful appearance and talent.

Many Pakistanis had taken notice of the Punjabi celebrity, and they would be thrilled if she visited their country this year.

The news was shared during a Twitter Q&A session, where a follower had the opportunity to ask Bajwa, “Sonam, please do visit Pakistan too someday!”

She added a shushing emoji to her response, “I’m coming this year.”

The love Bajwa exhibited toward Pakistan is not new. The Ardab Mutiyaran star declared her intention to date Fawad in 2022 on a lighter note while speaking with a radio outlet called Connect FM Canada.

“I don’t know, but all I know is that the person I want to have an affair with is already married. I avoid looking at married males but If Fawad Khan wasn’t married, I would approach him,” Sonam added.