Sonya Hussayn feels ‘flattered’ by comparison with Sridevi

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Actor Sonya Hussyn, who is preparing for her upcoming drama series called Gangs of Khorasan, recently discussed how she is often compared to several Indian celebrities. During her appearance on The Night Show, Hussyn revealed that people have told her she bears a resemblance to former Miss World Priyanka Chopra Jonas and the late Sridevi, who was Bollywood’s first female superstar.

When asked about the frequency of such comparisons to international stars, particularly Bollywood A-listers, Hussyn responded by saying that people compare her to various individuals based on her latest looks or characters. She expressed her surprise and flattery at being compared to Sridevi, acknowledging the late actress’s exceptional beauty. Hussyn also mentioned that she receives comparisons to Priyanka Chopra, whom she admires as a person and considers successful. She appreciates being associated with these renowned figures and views them as a significant compliment.

Hussyn stated that she does not mind the comparisons at all and is flattered that people see her resemblance to some of the most beautiful stars in the world. She holds them in high regard and considers it a privilege to be likened to them.

Regarding her career, Hussyn has chosen an unconventional path to becoming a prominent figure in the industry. Departing from traditional heroine roles, she recently portrayed a boxer-turned-target killer in Abu Aleeha’s film Daadal and will be seen as a pixie-haired drug addict in Gangs of Khorasan, where she stars alongside Gohar Rasheed.