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Speakers highlight contributions of Hussam-ud-Din Shah

Historians from across Sindh gathered at the mausoleum of veteran historian, research scholar and writer of yesteryear Pir Hussam-ud-din Shah Rashdi in Thatta on Friday to mark his 40th death anniversary.

A small event witnessed the participation of renowned writer Madad Ali Sindhi, media person Nasir Mirza, historian Dr Muhammad Ali Manjhi, Sindh Adabi Sangat secretary-general Muhammad Ramzan Memon, journalist Iqbal Khuwaja, Sikander Shah.

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Hussam-ud-din Shah was born and brought up in Larkana but, according to his will, he was laid to rest in the courtyard of the shrine of Makhdom Mohammad Hashim Thattavi, which is situated at some distance from the historic Makli Graveyard. He had authored, edited, and translated about 50 books, columns, and other literary material related to history, Islam, geography, and poetry in Sindhi, Urdu, Persian, English, and other languages. He passed away on April 1, 1982, at the age of 71.

Speaking on the occasion, the speakers highlighted the unparalleled contributions of the septuagenarian historian and called him an iconic figure and a responsible historian who brought forward the real and true aspect of Sindh’s history.

Renowned historian Dr Manjhi said that Pir Hussam-ud-din Shah had no parallel in the field of literature.

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Manjhi further said that he was a scholar of high repute who translated Persian literature in Sindh and had a strong command over different languages of the world. He further said that he travelled in every nook and corner of the world and compiled and wrote an authentic history of Sindh.

Highlighting Rashdi’s contributions, Ramzan Memon said Rshdi disclosed concealed facts about Sindh’s history and introduced Sindhi literature to the World. He authored books and articles about the history of Thatta as well, he added.

Madad Ali Sindhi said that Rashdi introduced a distinguished way of compiling history and writing a critical analysis of it and he got fame and recognition for his distinct work across the country.

The speakers were of the view that the young generation should go through the contributions of Rashidi to enhance their intellectual capabilities.



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