Special forces primed to go after Swat militants

Picture - source AP

Special commandos of the army have reached Swat for an operation against extremists in the region.

Sources say that Special Forces are reaching different areas of Swat and it is likely that they will launch operations against the militants in those areas where they are present during the next 24 hours. There are currently 200 to 300 armed extremists in 20 to 30 hilly areas in Swat. According to reliable sources, all these people are natives of Swat who had fled to Afghanistan after the 2009 operation in Swat. In the last month, all these people entered Swat from Afghanistan through the Dir border area and then shifted to different places.

Security sources have confirmed that there are about 20 to 30 locations in the mountainous areas of Swat where militants are reported to be present. According to the senior journalists of Swat, the preparations for the military operation against the militants have been completed. The special commandos of the army are also present in Swat and are advancing towards the mentioned places. It should be noted that after the recent incidents of extremism in Swat, the locals held protests demanding restoration of peace and announced they would take up arms against the extremists.

The people of Swat are also supporting the removal of militants from Swat, no matter whether it is through military operations or talks. Hundreds of people took to the streets in Swat valley last Friday against the recent wave of militancy in the area, demanding police action as they warned of more protests if the spate of terrorism continued. Earlier last week, eight people, including a former Aman Committee head and two policemen, were killed when a remote-controlled bomb struck their vehicle in the Ghlo Kandaw area of Kabal Tehsil in Swat valley.