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Sri Lankan MP takes own life after killing protestor; troops ordered to shoot law-breakers

More than 50 houses of politicians reportedly burnt

A lawmaker from the Sri Lankan ruling party shot himself after shooting to death an anti-government protestor outside Colombo, Sri Lankan police stated.

Foreign media reports citing AFP Colombo stated that lawmaker Amarakeerthi Athurkorala killed a protestor and injured two others who had blocked his car outside the capital.

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The lawmaker escaped the vicinity, taking refuge in a building. He shot himself with his own revolver as thousands surrounded the building.

The incident came as Sri Lanka witnessed thousands on it streets targeting supporters of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, who resigned from his position on Monday.

Following the prime minister’s resignation, the government deployed tens of thousands of military personnel in the streets of the capital.

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BBC reported that on Tuesday, Colombo’s top police official was assaulted by protestors accusing him of not taking enough steps for the protection of peaceful protestors.

In excess of 200 people were injured in the events since Monday.

A report by BBC also stated that more than 50 houses of politicians were burnt during the night between Monday and Tuesday, while crowds have surrounded President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s office, asking him to resign.

The events of the last two days come after the whole cabinet except the president and prime minister resigned on April 5.

Sri Lanka has been witnessing fierce protests as the country faces shortage of food, fuel and essentials amid record-breaking inflation and severe power cuts.




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