SSP Irfan Ali Samo faces key challenges in Sukkur District

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Irfan Ali Samo, recognized as one of the most diligent, fearless, and principled police officials in the province, has assumed a challenging role as the chief of police in the Sukkur district. In this capacity, he faces several significant tasks, with two top priorities being the apprehension of the culprits behind Jan Mohammad Mahar’s murder and the safe recovery of Pirya Kumari following his re-appointment.

Hailing from Larkana town, Mr. Samo has garnered attention for his distinctive and bold approach to combating criminal activities. His mandate includes the arrest of all individuals involved in the tragic killing of journalist Jan Mohammad Mahar, whose life was tragically cut short on the night of August 13. Additionally, he is entrusted with ensuring the secure return of the missing minor girl, Pirya Kumari.

During a recent visit to Kandhkot, Barrister Mohammad Umar Soomro, the provincial caretaker minister for Law, expressed great confidence in SSP Samo saying that he would not only recover the minor girl, which had gone missing under very mysterious circumstances some two years back but would also arrest all those nominated accused in the murder case of Jan Mohammad Mahar.

Barrister Soomro went on to claim that Samo was a person of courage and conviction. The insiders in the police department claim that Samo was reposted in Sukkur district by the high-ups of the caretaker Sindh government with a view to not only maintain the worsening law and order situation in the third biggest city of the province but also to achieve certain tasks since his performance in the same district had been quite satisfying for his high-ups and for the common people.

The same insiders said that Samo when was posted in Kashmore-Kandhkot for a brief period, made plans to launch a massive crackdown on the gangs of bandits operating in the vast areas and their facilitators but was not reportedly given the free hand to go ahead with strong actions with his own style for cleansing the troubled areas of the hardened criminals. He was soon replaced by Amjad Shaikh who had his own ‘priorities and likes and dislikes’ in dealing with the criminals.

Amjad Ahmad Shaikh was transferred to Hyderabad after he had miserably failed to recover the number of the kidnapped people including Hindu traders, who were abducted by gangs of dacoits in the Kashmore-Kandhkot district.

It is yet to be seen whether Irfan Ali Samo manages to live up to the expectations of his bosses and the common people, who have high regard for his performances in various districts during his service, The sources added that SSP Samo, besides, having good information of the different aspects of the Sukkur district, would be lucky to have an extra support of the armed forces in combating the gangs of the hardened criminals operating in Sukkur district.

Hanif Samoon is a senior journalist based at Thar/Badin and contributes reports from different districts of Sindh to Minute Mirror. He has won a number of awards, including the Agahi Award twice for his stories on health and child rights. He tweets @HanifSamoon1 and can be reached through email at


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