Stable Afghanistan important for regional development, says Bilawal

Foreign minister reaffirms Pakistan's unwavering support for China on all its core issues

Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto on Saturday emphasized the significance of “peace and stability in Afghanistan” for the socioeconomic growth of the area and pledged to collaborate with all relevant parties, including China, to see this goal through.

Speaking at a news conference in Islamabad alongside his Chinese counterpart Qin Gang, Bilawal said “In our dialogue today, we also noted the peace and stability in Afghanistan remains vital for socio-economic development, connectivity and prosperity in the region.”

He said that Pakistan will keep collaborating with all stakeholders for a peaceful, stable, prosperous, and unified Afghanistan.

The long-standing goodwill between Pakistan and China was emphasized by Bilawal. “Our two countries have stood with each other for decades and will continue to stand with each other in the decades to come,” he said.

The foreign minister reaffirmed Pakistan’s unwavering support for China on all its core issues, including the One-China policy, Taiwan, Tibet, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, and the South China Sea.

He said that Pakistan remains deeply appreciative of China for its kind and timely assistance as we continue to battle the headwinds in a global economy.

The partnership between Pakistan and China, according to Bilawal, is “irreversible,” “a historical reality,” and a “consensus choice of the two nations.” Pakistan continues to oppose bloc politics and all forms of big power rivalry, he continued.

Given recent global challenges like human-induced climate change, he declared, “We are committed to staying engaged with China to promote south-south cooperation.”

Regarding the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Bilawal stated that it continues to be a win-win economic project available to all international investors.

In remarks made during a delegation-level meeting with China held at the Foreign Office (FO), Bilawal stated, “We deeply appreciate China’s firm support for Pakistan’s territorial integrity, sovereignty, and national development as well as China’s principled and just stance on the Jammu and Kashmir dispute.”

The minister emphasized the value of relations between Pakistan and China, saying, there is complete agreement over the strategic partnership between Pakistan and China. “I can guarantee Your Excellency that everyone in Pakistan feels the same way about China and the wonderful Chinese country.”