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State Dept official refuses to answer question about US meddling in Pakistan

United States Assistant Secretary of State for Central and South Asian Affairs Donald Lu ignored a question related to the allegations of US meddling in Pakistan’s internal politics during an interview to an Indian media organization.

Lu was recently named by Prime Minister Imran Khan for making threatening remarks about Khan’s government in a letter. The official, who is right now on a visit to India, was interviewed by a local paper there.

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During the interview, when he was asked about his conversation with the Pakistani ambassador and the content of that conversation – the US statement that if Khan survives the no-trust motion, Pakistan would be in trouble and the US would not forgive Pakistan?

Lu ignored the question and said that they were following the recent development in Pakistan and they respected and supported Pakistan’s constitutional process and the rule of law.

The interviewer again asked to confirm if such a conversation actually happened or not, to which Lu responded that this was all he had to say to the question.

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Last Friday, a State Department spokesperson, while responding to a query about Imran Khan’s remarks regarding foreign threats, said, “There is absolutely no truth to that allegation.”



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