State of unrest in India after blasphemy, police kills two protesters

Indian police has killed two and arrested more than 130 protesters who were protesting against the hateful remarks about the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

According to media reports, the incident happened in the city of Ranchi where Muslim community was protesting against the blasphemy from the ruling BJP’s spokeswoman Nupur Sharma in a TV debate show.

Police has claimed that they were forced to open fire that ultimately caused the death of two protestors.

On Friday, Muslims all over India came to streets to record protest against the insult of Holy Prophet (PBUH). The protests continued till the second day in many cities on India.

The statement from the ruling party members has not only engulfed India in anger, but the whole Islamic World.

Police officers have said that the crowd had defied orders to stop their march from a mosque to the market; they even threw broken bottles and stones upon police after an attempt to stop them by baton charge.

According to media reports, Indian authorities have cut internet connections in the city and imposed a curfew. On the other hand, police used tear gas to disperse a rally in Uttar Pradesh.

Media reports have claimed that most protests ended peacefully but in some cities protestors threw stones at police and as a result at least one officer was injured.

Sharma’s remarks have erupted a diplomatic storm in Muslim countries against India and nearly 20 governments have recorded protest by calling Indian envoys for an explanation.

As a result of a reaction from the Muslim world, the Indian government had to suspend Sharma from party ranks.