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Stop using national television for political agenda: Jamal Shah

Senior actor and painter Jamal Shah recently took to the internet to school the current government for misusing Pakistan Television (PTV) for the propagation of its own political agendas.

The actor, through a video message, said that PTV, despite being run on taxpayer’s money, has always been used even by the preceding governments to inculcate motives which subtly side with their personal agendas as ruling parties. Shah was also bold enough to name Prime Minister Imran Khan to say that he should stop doing so, especially now that his government is not in a position which may be considered strong enough to use national television for its personal gains.

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‘It’s an outright violation of PTV’s airtime, in response to which I have sent a petition to the Managing Director PTV and the Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to stop ridiculing opposition parties on national television,’ said Jamal Shah.

The petition has been forwarded through Jamal Shah’s lawyer Imaan Mazari, stating that in a country already undergoing a constitutional crisis, PTV cannot, in any way, support Tehreek e Insaf’s (PTI) political agenda even by promoting its election campaigns. The channel has been asked to maintain a non-political stance to keep its dignity intact as a channel for which the public pays.



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