Street beggar woman reportedly came out as millionaire

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In a surprising turn of events, an Egyptian beggar woman named Abdul Jaleel was discovered to possess a substantial sum of money totaling 1 million Egyptian pounds (equivalent to 9 million PKR) following her demise.

According to a report by Arab Media, Abdul Jaleel, a familiar figure on the streets and roads of Southern Egypt, was known for her daily efforts to make ends meet through begging. However, a few days ago, tragedy struck as the woman passed away, leaving her community shocked and grieving the loss of one of their own.

Recognizing the dire financial situation Abdul Jaleel appeared to be facing throughout her life, her compassionate neighbors paid for her final rituals.

In a twist of fate, approximately ten days after her demise, local authorities searched Abdul Jaleel’s residence. To their astonishment, a bag filled with 1 million pounds in both notes and coins was discovered hidden within the courtyard of her house. The unexpected revelation sparked curiosity and raised questions about the source of her wealth.

Further investigation revealed that Abdul Jaleel had been discreetly accumulating the substantial sum over time. The money was subsequently distributed among her brothers and sisters, who were equally surprised by their sister’s secret fortune.