Struggling with kidney disease, singer Asad Abbas ends up on streets

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Renowned singer Asad Abbas, who is suffering from kidney disease, has once again appealed to the government and philanthropists for help. He stated that he was living a comfortable life like a hero, having everything at his disposal, but due to his illness, he had to sell everything and ended up on the streets.

In an interview, he mentioned that in 2006, he participated in Pakistan’s first reality show titled “Pakistan Sangeet Icon,” where the grand prize was one crore rupees and a Mercedes. He emerged as the winner of that show.

He also said that he performed in shows around the world and earned a good amount of money. Allah Almighty blessed him with all the joys of life.

Asad Abbas shared that he has been suffering from kidney disease for the past seven years, and both of his kidneys have completely failed. Doctors had previously attempted a kidney transplant, but it was not successful.

Due to the failure of his kidneys, he has to undergo dialysis three to four times a week. He appealed to the federal government, Sindh government, and philanthropists to provide assistance for his treatment.