Student brutally beaten in Punjab University

University spokesperson says certain elements create issues to harm reputation of university

Members of a student group brutally beat and tortured students at Punjab University on Tuesday, resulting in injury and hospitalization of one student.

Students sitting at the university canteen were attacked and beaten by members of a student group. The attackers rained batons on several students, with the act being caught on video. The student group members could also be seen using abusive language in the video.

A police official informed Minute Mirror that the student who received injuries was named Aftab and was a student at the Institute of Business Administration of the University of the Punjab. The student was shifted to Jinnah Hospital, the official said.

Moreover, Punjab University spokesperson stated that some elements were unable to digest the improvement in the rankings of the university and deliberately created such incidents to give a negative impression of the university.

He further said that the recent incidents of minor quarrels at the university were part of a specific conspiracy but the university administration had devised a strategy to reduce such incidents.