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Monday, January 30, 2023
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Students leave hall during Khan’s speech in GCU

World will only respect Pakistan when Pakistan will respect itself, says Khan

Many students from satellite Degree College have reportedly left the hall during khan’s speech to students via video link.

PTI chairman was talking to students in different universities through a video link about the importance of hard work when students left the hall.

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Khan during his speech stated that the world will only respect Pakistan when Pakistan will respect itself.

Khan advised students that only free minds can freely dream.

He also said that always dedicate yourself to what you do.

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While talking about independent thinking he said that our country can’t progress under these mental slaves who are afraid to buy cheap oil from Moscow just because they don’t want to upset those states who have their money.

India being a strategic ally of the USA is buying cheap oil from Moscow for its people but this government doesn’t want to upset its masters.

Khan also said that I kept on insisting on not getting involved in the Afghan war but nobody listen.

Khan also said, these looters stole money and send it abroad. They live in billions of dollar worth of properties and then beg other nations for money to run the state.

Khan also urged the youth to work independently to excel as resistance makes people strong.

“It is the student’s responsibility to stand against injustice,” said the PTI leader.

“Our PM is begging because he has left nothing in the country,” said khan.

Khan also claimed that gen Musharraf gave them NRO to save his position.

“During 10 years of rule of PMLN, they raised Pakistan’s to four times. In 60 years Pakistan’s loan was 6 trillion they raised it to 30 trillion,” said khan.

Our government had no corruption cases still upper powers made them seize our power, khan added.

“Pakistan was developing in our era,” said Khan.

“In the past 7 days, Pakistan’s economy which was growing rapidly is now standing at zero. Our industrial sector is suffering. Our tax collection is continuously going down and now they are ending all of their corruption cases,” said an ex-cricketer.


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