Students of Government Girls College Wana protest over lack of facilities

Picture source - Twitter @khorasandiary

The students of Government Girls College Wana have staged a protest over the lack of facilities at their college.

The students came on the road to record their protest. They were holding banners and chanting slogans for the provision of basic facilities for them at their educational institute.

A video in this regard has also been circulating on social media in which female students could be seen recording protests.

Educating the children is already not a trend among the local population especially the female students have been mainly deprived of the ornament of education. Such non-presence of facilities in the area would serve only to hinder the cause of spreading education for all.

According to the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Independent Monitoring Unit (IMU) report on the educational institutions in the recently combined tribal districts, the area lacked basic facilities inside educational institutions.

Zia ullah Bangash, the Chief Minister’s advisor on educational matters, had instructed the government’s IMU to gather information on schools in the ex-Fata districts earlier this year. The IMU was established in 2014 for ongoing monitoring of all government schools in the province.


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