Students protest against sexual harassment at Jinnah Sindh Medical University

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Students of Jinnah Sindh Medical University (JSMU) staged a protest on the main highway of Jinnah Hospital over allegations of sexual harassment against female students.

According to police sources, a protest call was given in the university today after the students accused a teacher of sexual harassment.

The students alleged that the male teacher had an immoral conversation with many students and due to this reason assignments of different students were also rejected repeatedly.

Students say that when the Business Administration Department’s BBA healthcare student raised her voice against the teacher, she was threatened by the teacher and was told to cooperate with him or else she will be failed. The concerned teacher repeatedly rejected their assignment and said that it used to happen to every girl.

The student has said that she was scared but had courageously told the whole incident to her fellow students; on which the students shouted against the teacher and a group of students also got into an argument with the teacher.

A video of the incident also aired on social media as well some media channels. In the video, students were seen thrashing an SMU professor over harassing a female student.

According to media reports, the university administration has taken notice of the incident and an investigation has been launched over the matter.


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