Sudan clashes leave 56 killed

Picture source - Reuters
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On Sunday, Sudan’s military launched air strikes on a paramilitary force’s base close to the capital, in a move to regain control of the country following a series of clashes which left scores of combatants dead and at least 56 civilians killed.

The army targeted a base of the government’s paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in Omdurman after the military and RSF, which reportedly comprises a 100,000-strong force, have been competing for power as different political factions negotiate forming a transitional government following a 2021 military coup.

The Sudanese Doctors’ Union reported that since the fighting began on Saturday, 56 civilians had been killed and 595 people, including combatants, had been injured.

Meanwhile, the RSF claimed it had taken over the presidential palace, the army chief’s residence, state television station and airports in several locations across the country, although the army rejected those assertions. As the clashes continue, there are concerns that the country could spiral into a widespread conflict, derailing attempts to move towards elections.