Supreme Court lacks jurisdiction to set date, ECP urges in petition on Punjab polls

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The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has challenged the Supreme Court’s April 4 ruling on the holding the Punjab elections on May 14.

The Supreme Court has been urged in the petition to change the May 14 election date.

The Election Commission has said in the petition that the Supreme Court lacked the authority to set the election’s date. It urged that the court had used its powers to suggest the date, the law could not be changed and that the empowered Election Commission was urgently needed. It also said that neither security nor funding had been made available.

It has been argued in the petition that the benefit of Article 254 can be obtained even before the expiration of the period.

It further said that the Supreme Court prematurely used Article 254 in the Haji Saifullah case, there is a decision of the Supreme Court’s 11-member larger bench that allowed the election to be extended by four months in the past, and the articles related to the conduct of elections should be read together.

In the petition, it is demanded that the Supreme Court reconsider its ruling on the elections on April 4.