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Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Suspects escape from judicial lockup at Model Town courts

Accused in various cases taken from Kot Lakhpat jail and Camp jail to courts get together to make escape from lockup

Dozens of suspects involved in different cases escaped from the judicial lockup at Model Town Courts on Monday.

Police had produced the suspects before different courts for proceedings in different cases.

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As the suspects came out of the prison van and entered the judicial lockup they started shouting at the police constables. Some of them were present at the gate of the judicial lockup, and helped others to come out.

Witnesses said that there was a small number of constables, who failed to control the angry suspects.

In videos of the incident, the suspects holding clubs could be seen shouting angrily at the police constables.

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Taking advantage of the situation, some suspects ran away.

A lawyer stated that it was surprising that some of the suspects ran away while they were handcuffed.

The lawyers said that a disturbing situation emerged when all the prisoners produced in the judicial lockup united and escaped the judicial lockup.

He said the prisoners’ escape raised serious questions about police performance.

The suspects were from the Kot Lakhpat Jail and Camp Jail in Lahore.


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