Swat families get interest-free loans

Swat Relief Initiative (SRI) has distributed loans among 17 poor families under the small business support program in Swat.

According to SRI Management, one family received Rs30,000, two families received 20,000, one got Rs40,000, and two families got Rs25,000 while Rs50,000 were given to 11 families. Swat Relief Initiative Chairperson Zebunisa Jilani distributed business checks to the poor and needy families under the Small Business Support Program. Even before this, money has been distributed to poor families for running small businesses.

Zebunisa Jilani, who belongs to Swat’s royal family, gave interest-free loans to deserving families so that they could start a business to support their families. On this occasion, she said, “Our forefathers have left no stone unturned in the service of Swat and the people of Swat. I also have this desire and mission to follow in their steps. I can serve the poor and needy people of Swat.” The people of Swat, she said, have a lot of talent and they just need support. The purpose of lending is to help them stand on their own feet, she said.

Abdul Bashar, who is a tailor and a special needs person, also received a check of Rs50,000. He told Minute Mirror that he was very happy to receive the interest-free amount from SRI and can now run his business smoothly. “I had only one sewing machine before but after the loan, I can buy another one, due to which my work in now getting better day by day,” he said.


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