Swat militant commander killed by security forces

A militant commander was killed in a clash between the counter-terrorism department and security forces and militants in Mangalore, Swat district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, on Friday night.

Militant commander Adil Zeb was involved in the bomb attack on peace committee chief Idrees Khan in recent days. He was also involved in the murder of two members of the peace committee in Charbagh and was wanted by the CTD police.

According to the police officials, the counter-terrorism department of the Malakand region and the security forces had received information that an organized group of terrorists had entered the Mangalore region for a major terrorist operation. Because of the information, CTD Malakand region and security forces started an intelligence-based operation in the area.

SSP Arshad Khan said that the militants suddenly started firing on the police and security forces. “The firing continued for twenty to thirty minutes, in which the militant commander Adil Zeb was killed while the rest of the militants managed to escape.” According to the CTD police, hand grenades, arms, and ammunition have also been recovered from the possession of the slain militant. According to the police officials, the militant was wanted by CTD police in three cases of terrorism in recent days.

The remote-controlled explosion on the car of Muhammad Idrees Khan, head of the peace committee, was also done by Adil Zeb. In the attack, Idrees Khan and seven people, including policemen, were killed.

Apart from the targeted killing of Peace Committee member Muhammad Shireen, the militant was also involved in multiple terror cases, and bombings, and was wanted for target killings. According to security sources, search operations have been intensified by the police, security forces, and intelligence agencies in suburban areas including Mangalore. Police officials say that the fleeing militants are being pursued. Search operations are being conducted in Mangalore, Banjot, Malam Jabba and other suburban areas.