Swiss Boeing 777 crew arrested for taking selfies on plane’s wing

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The crew of the Swiss Boeing had been dancing on plane in Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires after which they had been arrested.

The crew opened the third door of the 777-300ER to the right, which was located above the wing. The crew kept taking selfies with dance on top of the ship’s wing, the video footage of the incident has showed.

The incident happened a few days ago on a flight from Buenos Aires to Sao Paulo, where the crew got a little extra time on the ground.

Airline’s message to staff after incident:

“The fun seen in the video is deadly,” the administration told the staff. The Boeing 777K wings are about five meters high. Falling from this height to a hard surface can be devastating. This behavior will not be tolerated.

“The attitude of the employees in the video is neither consistent with our security needs nor does it reflect the high level of professionalism of our employees. In this case, individual staff members failed to act as role models. We can’t approve of it.