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Swiss govt intends $1,000 fine on ‘burqa-ban’ violators

The Swiss government on Wednesday sent a draft law to the parliament to impose a 1000 Swiss francs ($1005) fine on those who violate a national prohibition on the burqa as it seeks to impose the ‘Burqa-ban’ law.

According to a report in Reuters, the law for a ban on facial covering won by a narrow victory in a referendum last year.

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The proposal does not necessarily ban Islamic or Muslim face covering yet local politicians, media, and campaigners refer to the measure as the “burqa ban”.

“The ban on covering faces aims to ensure public safety and order. Punishment is not the priority,” it said in a statement.

The proposal aimed to prevent violent street protestors from covering their faces, which is why the cabinet included it in the criminal code and fined offenders up to 10,000 francs.

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The government proposed lifting the ban on aircraft, in diplomatic facilities, and places of worship.

Meanwhile, coverings linked to health, safety, climatic conditions, and local customs would remain valid.

Facial coverings, according to supporters of the ban, are a symbol of Radical Islam whereas Muslim organizations have condemned the vote as discriminatory and threatened legal action.

The full face veil is prohibited in many European states like France, Denmark, Austria, Netherlands, and Bulgaria.



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