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Syria-Hamas reconciliation can be detrimental to Palestinians’ interests, says Ned Price

United States State Department Spokesman Ned Price on Thursday stated that reconciliation between Syria and Hamas could be harmful to the interests of Palestinians and its efforts at counterterrorism.

As per an i24 news report, Ned Price stated that any normalization of ties between Syrian president Bashar-ul-Assad and Hamas – a Gaza-based Palestinian Sunni Islamist group – can be “harmful for the interest of the Palestinian people and it undercuts global efforts to counter terrorism in the region and beyond”.

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He further stated that the Assad regime’s reconciliation with terrorist organizations shows Syria’s “isolation” and it is also concerning for Washington.

“We will continue rejecting any support to rehabilitate the Assad regime, particularly from designated terrorist organizations like Hamas,” he added.

Earlier on Wednesday, Hamas sent a delegation to Syria, which is gradually restoring its relations with the Arab world.

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Assad in March also travelled to the United Arab Emirates, a move which was condemned by the United States.

Hamas, which regulates Gaza, was long an ally of Syria before breaking with it in 2012 when it condemned Assad’s silencing of mostly Sunni protests.



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