Taliban also come forward to help Turkiye and Syria

Picture source - Reuters

The Taliban government in Afghanistan has announced financial assistance to earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.

“The Islamic Emirate expresses its sympathies with the families and people of the victims of the recent earthquake in Syria and Turkey, and shares the grief of our grieving Muslim brothers in this difficult time,” the Afghan Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The Afghan Foreign Ministry announced 10 million Afghani (more than $100,000) for the earthquake victims of Turkey and 5 million Afghani (US$ 55,000) for the victims of Syria.

“Our rescue and health teams are also ready to take part in rescue operations if needed,” the Afghan foreign ministry said.

The Afghan Foreign Ministry also directed Afghan citizens living in Turkey to extend all possible cooperation to the earthquake victims.

On the other hand, afghan citizens had also been reported killed in the worst earthquake in Turkey.

According to an Afghan Foreign Ministry spokesman, 100 Afghans had been killed and injured in the earthquake in Turkey and about 100 houses had been destroyed.

The death toll from the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria exceeded 15,000. 8,574 people had been killed in Turkey and 2,530 in Syria and thousands had been injured.