‘Taliban appoint officials at Afghanistan embassy in Islamabad’

Imran Khan insisted global community to not isolate Afghanistan’s new leadership during his UNGA address on Friday

Picture source - Getty Images

A letter from the Afghan Taliban has indicated the possible beginnings of diplomatic relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan, even though Pakistan has not officially declared recognition for the neighbouring country’s new leadership yet.

Afghan journalist Bilal Sarwary posted a copy of the letter by Afghanistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which detailed that the Taliban had made formal appointments at the Afghanistan embassy in Islamabad.

The letter noted the appointment of Afghan officials at the consulate in Peshawar. Sarwary said that the appointments suggested that the Pakistan government had already recognised the Taliban and were working to develop diplomatic relations with them.

At his United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) address on Friday, Prime Minister Imran Khan solicited global support for the Afghan Taliban, so that Afghanistan does not become a haven for terrorists again. Khan said that humanitarian assistance must be provided for the sake of Afghans in order to prevent Afghanistan from descending into chaos again.