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Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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Taliban erasing women, says exiled Afghan MP

A former Afghan woman MP and a former vice-president of the Afghan parliament Fawzia Koofi said that the Taliban are trying to erase women from public life.

Fawzia fled to Britain in 2021 after the Taliban take over Afghanistan.

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She urged the world to hold the Taliban responsible for its attempt of deleting women.

In an interview with AFP, she said, “They have erased women, there is nothing left except that the next edict might be that woman should not breathe.”

She added that Women and girls had been excluded from public life as a result of restrictions on their activities, such as working for humanitarian organizations or attending school or university.

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The Afghan government forbade women from working in non-governmental organizations on Saturday.

Moreover, both secondary schooling for girls and university education for women had previously been put on hold by the Taliban.

Koofi, who was also a mediator during the unsuccessful negotiations between the Taliban and the then-Afghan government in Doha in 2020, claimed that a family member had just requested her for assistance in fleeing.


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