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Taliban repair 70 military planes damaged by US

The Taliban interim government in Afghanistan has repaired almost 70 military planes and helicopters that the US damaged.

Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman Inayatullah Khawarizmi stated that Afghan Air Force has managed to repair at least 70 aeroplanes and military helicopters given to the Ashraf Ghani administration by the US.

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He further added that all of the repaired planes are now being used by Afghan Air Force.

“We didn’t have a single operational aircraft when we came to power,” he said.

Ministry spokesman further added that other damaged aircraft are still being repaired.

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He also stated that we supply the parts we require in the repair of aeroplanes and helicopters from planes or helicopters that are severely damaged or beyond repair because we cannot purchase spare parts for them. We completed these works entirely on our own.

Khawarizmi also revealed that the Afghan Taliban administration is not in the financial position to purchase new planes or helicopters.

Nearly 70 of the 183 planes and helicopters that the Afghan Air Force had during the Ghani administration were transported by Afghan soldiers to neighbouring Uzbekistan and Tajikistan at the time when the Taliban were taking over provinces one at a time until they finally took over the capital Kabul.



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