Tangwani residents protest over unhygienic conditions

(Picture source: Heritage of Sindh)
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Residents of Tangwani city staged a sit-in protest against poor sanitation and unhygienic condition of various streets and places on Wednesday.

Local citizens from Sheikh Mohallah, Malik Street and other areas assembled near the town committee and raised their voices against the unhygienic condition of the city. Protesters complained that there was no proper town planning and as a result, the city was giving a deserted look.

They complained that whenever people from outside visit the city of Tangwani, they end up disgusted by a heap of garbage lying in main bazaars, markets and sewage-filled drain water, making it very difficult for commuters to move to and fro. They further complained that manholes were choked while drains were clogged up, leading to the garbage and filthy drain water standing in front of various offices, public places, schools and mosques.

Despite the heavy budget of the Tangwani tehsil municipal administration (TMA), the district government has failed to facilitate citizens. There is a dire need to launch a cleanness campaign in the city creating awareness among people. Moreover, in the main streets of the city, the manholes have no proper cover, posing a grave danger to children. The protesters demanded the concerned officials remove mounds of garbage and clean the city; otherwise, they would expand their protest in the entire district.