Taqi Ahmed’s next project is a web film ‘Sufia Ki Roza Kushai’

Model and actor Taqi Ahmed is all set to star in a See Prime original directed by critically acclaimed director Faiz.

The film is named “Sufia Ki Roza Kushai”, and as is obvious from the title, will be revolving around a couple celebrating their child’s first fast. Roza Kushai, in this part of the world, is referred to as a celebratory event in which a child is congratulated and bestowed with presents on keeping his or her first fast.

Taqi Ahmed was recently observed performing in a horror television drama serial “Laal Mai” while his feature film “Dhai Chaal” is also all set to release this year. Other than these, some of his important projects include drama serials ‘Kaash Mein Teri Beti Na Hoti’, ‘Mera Naam Yousaf Hai’ and ‘Ustaani Jee’.

‘Sufia Ki Roza Kushai’ will premiere tonight evening, and will emerge as another one of Faiz’s unique projects, who started his career as a director with a light-horror soap called ‘Dareecha’ and continued to give off-beat projects such as ‘Goya’, ‘Khilona’ and ‘Dhund’. He then took a long break from television dramas and is now back as a director working mostly for Pakistan’s OTT platforms.