Tariff rates of hiked electricity prices

Lifeline consumers exempted from hike, price will not be increased for protected consumers up to 200 units per month, NEPRA

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The details of new slab rates of hiked electricity prices have been released.

National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has approved the government’s request to increase the basic tariff of electricity by up to Rs7.50 per unit. This will not be applicable to lifeline and protected users up to 200 units per month.

According to NEPRA, the increase has been increased by Rs3 per unit for consuming up to 100 units of electricity, Rs4 per unit from 101 to 200 units, Rs5 for 201 to 300 units, Rs6.50 for 301 to 400 units and Rs7.50 for the use of more than 700 units.

According to NEPRA officials, the tariff from 1 to 100 units per month will be charged according to Rs16.48, tariff from 101 to 200 units will be Rs22.95, tariff from 201 to 300 units will be Rs27.14, tariff of 301 to 400 units will be Rs32.03, tariff of 401 to 500 units will be Rs35.24, and tariff of 501 to 600 units will be Rs36.66.

Officials further said that after sales tax, the maximum tariff per unit will be Rs50.41, and for lifeline customers up to 50 units per month, Rs3.95 per unit will remain, while for lifeline customers from 51 to 100 units per month, Rs7.74 per unit will remain.

NEPRA has sent the decision to the federal government for notification, according to which lifeline consumers will be exempted from the increase in electricity prices, and the price will not be increased even for protected consumers up to 200 units per month.