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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Teaser dropped for Kinza Hashmi’s drama serial ‘Dilawaiz’

Teaser for the much-awaited Kinza Hashmi starrer ‘Dilawaiz’ has finally been released, and as promised by the stills from its BTS, it carries a regal look.

Extravagantly embellished havelis, billowing curtains of red colour, fountains partitioning wide lawns and young girls having the best of their time in bath-tubs filled with rose-petals characterize ‘Dilawaiz’, a drama the kind of which director Mazhar Moin has never been observed making before.

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Besides Kinza Hashmi, several notable performers will be starring in the serial including Kashif Mehmood and Javeria Abbasi, the two seemingly playing authoritative elder members of the family with Kinza Hashmi essaying young, rebellious blood. ‘Dilawaiz’ has been shot in what apparently looks like a rural area, giving it the right feudal-system touch and sending across the idea of visible class discrimination, with one family living in what is no less than a mansion, and one dwelling in a mud-house canopied by tufts of hay.

The release date for the serial has not been announced yet, but with the teaser now released, it is hoped that ‘Dilawaiz’ will make it to the television screens soon, most probably right after Eid.


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