Technology is necessary for economic growth: SAP

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The German multinational software corporation SAP thinks technology might help Pakistan’s persistent economic crises be resolved.

A leadership crisis, however, is impeding the nation’s progress toward digital transformation, especially as ministries work to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and transfer them to the cloud.

The Senior Vice President and Managing Director of SAP Middle East & Africa (MEA) North, Ahmed Al-Faifi, stated during a press conference on Thursday that “there are issues in the economy…technology offers solutions to overcome those challenges.”

He reaffirmed the firm’s commitment to continuing to help SAP Pakistan assist ministries, federal agencies, and growing private sector firms. Despite difficulties in bringing income back from overseas, SAP regards Pakistan as a significant regional market.

In Pakistan, SAP presently provides tech-based solutions for over 800 clients in the public and commercial sectors, ranging from restaurants to airplanes.

The main barrier to Pakistan’s digital transformation, according to Saquib Ahmad, SAP Country Manager for Pakistan, is not the product itself but rather change management and leadership. Ahmad underlines the necessity for decision-makers and management in both the public and commercial sectors to accept technological innovations and drive change, even while the general populace exhibits a desire to adopt them.

Although SAP offers software solutions that use precise data to recommend the best potential courses of action, the decisions are ultimately up to the decision-makers.

Ahmad advises CEOs to embrace technology proactively and promote a culture of change as opposed to asking for changes to match their current procedures.

Al-Faifi highlighted how Saudi Arabia has been successful in diversifying its economy by embracing technology and reducing its dependency on the crude oil industry.

He urged Pakistan to take note of this case study and use technology to expand its industries.