Terrorism will be used to delay elections, says Imran Khan

Sprinter group of terrorists involved in assassination attempt, PTI Chairman welcomes Zardari’s case

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said that terrorism was being used to delay elections and assassinate used. He said that now his life will be tried to be taken behind terrorism.

Addressing through video link he said that the current rulers just wanted to retain power by using neutral umpires and taking decisions in their government.

He said that he had no difference with general Bajwa but later differences had arisen between him and general Bajwa on two issues. One was on the issue of general Faiz and other on the issue of accountability.

Former prime minister said that the victims of Peshawar police line blast were not even buried and politics was started on elections, Governor KP had written a letter for postponement of elections. He said that the letter of the Governor has showed the intent that terrorism will be used against PTI.

PTI Chairman questions that why terrorism was not started during PTI era but now the terrorism was on the rise while economy of the country was declining immediately after PTI was ousted from government.

He said that he wanted general Faiz to remain DG ISI till winter of 2021 as there were chances of fallout of Afghanistan. He said that the best person with better knowledge of the situation was required at that time. He said that luckily Taliban came into power in Afghanistan and the fallout stopped. He said that earlier there were chances of civil war in Afghanistan had Taliban not come into power.

Imran said that differences with general Bajwa started when he said to step back on accountability cases after he was given extension and then the problems started to rise. He said that Bajwa had asked him in a meeting to give NRO to PDM allies but he had refused.

PTI Chairman said that the current coalition PDM government came into power only to get free of their accountability cases. He said that the inflation will increase as the after effects of rising petrol and dollar prices will come into effect later. He said that the current PDM government only wanted to go into elections after wiping PTI.

Imran Khan also said that the government will try to avoid elections and have been trying to postpone elections in the country. He said that the caretaker governments were unconstitutional but unfortunately such governments have been formed that have showed their intentions.

He asked why Fawad Chaudhry was treated like a terrorist. He said that the people of PTI have been threatened and tried to be frightened only to put pressure on them so that they could be silenced. He said that the JIT formed for investigation of his assassination attempt has been halted and their record has been sealed.

PTI Chairman said that some powerful was exerting pressure on Punjab Police because they were afraid that truth might not come forward.

He said that he would welcome Asif Ali Zardari’s case against him. He said that the powerful were trying to save themselves. He further said that a sprinter group of terrorists was involved in Zardari backed attempt to foil his life. He again named the plan A, plan B and plan C that have been made against his life.

He said that the country was going towards destruction because the philosophy and sacrifices behind Pakistan’s cause, when it came into being, were being harmed by the current ruling elite.