Tharparkar receives pre-monsoon rain

Eastern parts of Tharparkar have received the first showers of the pre-monsoon season.

Reports said that different parts of Chhachhro, Islamkot, Dahli and Nagarparkar received light to moderate rain with severe lightning strikes on Tuesday again after severe hot and humid weather. The first moderate showers brought smiles on the faces of Tharis, who were facing drought-like conditions due to the unavailability of water in their respective areas.

The people came out on the hills of Karoonjhar and other areas to celebrate the showers in their traditional manners. In certain areas, which were facing the worst water crisis, the rainwater was stored in shallow ponds which would quench the thirst of Tharis and their livestock in the coming few days.

Here it may be mentioned that the desert region needs seven to eight heavy spells of the downpours with intervals of 10 to 15 days during three months of the season which enable them to cultivate their traditional crops and for the germination and growth of grasses, sherns and trees for their livestock, which is the mainstay of their economy.

Various weather websites are predicting above-average rainfall in the desert region during this monsoon season.

Hanif Samoon is a senior journalist based at Thar/Badin and contributes reports from different districts of Sindh to Minute Mirror. He has won a number of awards, including the Agahi Award twice for his stories on health and child rights. He tweets @HanifSamoon1 and can be reached through email at