The curse of pollution

The poor air quality in Karachi has raised concerns about citizens’ health as the city has been passing through dangerous levels of air pollution, according to the latest media reports. Unhealthy levels of pollution were recorded in the city, plunging the air quality to 204 US air quality index (AQI). The situation is turning worse for those who suffer from dust allergy and are susceptible to other seasonal diseases like flue and respiratory problems. The presence of dust particles is being blamed on change in air direction. These particles are exceedingly small, but go deep into the lungs and cause chronic health problems. The actual misery is that nothing tangible is being done at the government level. The actual source of pollution needs long term measures on part of the authorities concerned.

According to WHO, three major cities of the country, like Lahore and Karachi, are already counted among the most polluted cities in the world. It is a sharp warning to the government that something needs to be done to avert the crisis and necessary measures need to be taken to provide a conducive environment to citizens. Already, air pollution is playing havoc with the health of citizens as cases of respiratory illness are increasing in the city due to high volumes of poisonous particles in the atmosphere. Serious health concerns for the inhabitants due to toxic pollution include premature deaths, heart disease and respiratory problems among others. Massive use of fossil fuels, vehicle emissions and dust from under-construction projects are other main factors that contribute to the increased level of air pollution in the city. One of the most pervasive forms of pollution in the country is the growing number of cars on the roads, most without catalytic converters. The best way to reduce motor vehicle caused pollution is by setting up safe and efficient public transport networks. The government can also reduce the level of pollution by planting more and more trees in various parts of the city while the parliament needs to pass a clean air act covering all issues related to environmental degradation and its improvement.