There’s no treatment for cowardice, Atta Tarar terms Imran’s leg injury as riddle

Imran Khan’s leg has become a riddle, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Atta Tarar said. He said that as his plaster alternates between his right and left legs similarly the injury is also a question mark.

The PML-N leader claimed during a news conference in Islamabad that Imran Khan was a wanted criminal and a runaway defendant.

The accused must appear on the day set for bail, he claimed, even when he seeks to get the date of his choosing from the courts.

Atta Tarar said that Imran Khan has been seeking legal remedy after his foreign funding issue went on for six years.

PML-N leader criticized the PTI chairman’s plaster for occasionally being on his right leg and occasionally his left leg, saying that it was a strange limb.

He said that PTI Chairman is not ready to go anywhere else for treatment and medical certificate but to only Shaukat Khanum Hospital. He said that Imran Khan’s leg has turned into a mystery, and there is no known treatment for cowardice.