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This is how ‘Ms. Marvel’ will be screened in Pakistani cinemas

Marvel Comics’ Pakistani fans’ happiness knows no bounds, as it has been announced that the latest Marvel series will be releasing across Pakistani cinema halls next month.

A major question which had everyone in a quizzical situation, regarding how a series will be screened, has also been answered. Comprising of six episodes, ‘Ms. Marvel’ will merge two episodes each, making a set of three films, from which the 1st (episode 1 and 2) will be released on June 16, the 2nd (episode 3 and 4) on June 30 and the 3rd (episode 5 and 6) on July 14.

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‘Ms. Marvel’ has the global audience excited for multiple reasons. Not only does it feature a young girl in the role of a superhero, enticing innumerable young fans vouching for gender equality, but that girl’s Muslim identity also has the entire Muslim community excited for its subtle attempt at fighting Islamophobia through visual literature. Other than that, prominent Pakistani theatre, television and film actress Nimra Bucha is also featuring in the series, working under the direction of the Oscar-winning Pakistani filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid, who happens to be one of the four directors chosen for the direction of ‘Ms. Marvel’.

Keeping these reasons under consideration, it was decided that the Pakistani audience should not be kept deprived of this series which incorporates a lot for the Pakistanis to feast on, especially when Disney +, which now happens to be a web-platform that will be streaming ‘Ms. Marvel’, is not available to Pakistanis. The step has been admired by the entire country, with a majority hailing Sharmeen Obaid as someone always concerned for Pakistan, be it her attempt at voicing the problems of the underprivileged, or her decision of making a Marvel series available to her indigenous viewers.



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