This is how Pakistani celebrities look on day one of Eid ul Adha 2023

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Eid ul Adha is a significant celebration for Muslims worldwide, marking the commemoration of the sacrifice made by Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and Prophet Ismail (AS). It is a time when the spirit of sacrifice permeates the air, and people come together with their loved ones to enjoy meals and distribute meat to those in need. The desire to perform Qurbani, the act of sacrificing an animal, is present in every Muslim’s heart during Eid ul Adha, and Pakistani celebrities are no exception in expressing this spirit.

Amidst the festivities, we witness our beloved stars embracing the occasion with their families, partaking in the act of Qurbani, and cherishing joyous moments away from the year-long hustle and bustle. It is a time for them to relish in the happiness of being together and to share their blessings with those less fortunate. As the year 2023 unfolds, let’s take a glimpse into how our favorite Pakistani celebrities are celebrating Eid ul Adha, capturing the essence of this special day.

  1. Aiza Khan and Danish Timoor

2. Ayesha Omer

3. Mawra Hussain

4. Asim Azhar

5. Minal Khan

6. Maya Ali

7. Ramsha Khan

8. Sanam Jung

9. Rubab Hasham

10. Momal Sheikh

11. Ducky Bhai (Saad) and Aroob Jatoi

12. Maryam Noor

13. Zhalay Sarhadi

14. Sumbal Iqbal

15. Ayesha Khan

16. Uroosa and Bilal Qureshi

17. Ghana Ali

18. Saboor Aly and Ali Ansari

19. Zara Noor Abbas and Asad Abbas

20. Bilal Ashraf