Thousands displaced by Sutlej flood causing immense damage

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The recent flood in the Sutlej River has wreaked immense devastation, leaving at least 157 villages entirely marooned and more than 166,000 people homeless, according to official data given by the district administration on Monday.

The area has been significantly impacted by the flood, which is currently at a low level in the Bhukan Patan area.

The situation worsened when the Head Sulaimanki reported a 40,389 case influx. Six people have died as a result of the flood, which has affected an astonishing 310,383 people.

According to locals in the Bahawalnagar district, where a 150-kilometer riverine tract took the brunt of the flooding, this was the worst flooding there in 35 years.

According to official data, 17,549 homes have either been completely or partially damaged, and more than 160,000 acres of productive land have been lost.

Critical roadways have been washed away by the flood, and protective embankments have been damaged.

Numerous settlements continue to be underwater, and over 100 others have been rendered isolated due to the damage to protective banks and roads, according to the statistics.

At least 43 schools in the riverine area were damaged as a result of the tragedy, which also had a significant negative influence on education and affected about 9,000 children.

According to the rescuers, despite having few resources, rescue personnel were able to successfully move 18,000 people and 3,000 animals to safer regions. Villagers in the area express worry about the hazy future that lies ahead.

Due to a severe lack of food and animal feed, thousands of people are left defenseless and forced to live outside.