Thousands march in Washington to support Iranian protesters

Picture source - AFP

Thousands of people, the majority of Iranian descent, marched in Washington in solidarity with the protestors demonstrating against the killing of Mahsa Amini last month.

On Saturday, protestors marched from the National Mall, a wide green space that is home to the Washington Monument, to the White House while chanting phrases like “Women, life, freedom” and “Justice for Iran”.

According to AFP, Siamak Aram, one of the organizers, predicted that the crowd size would approach 10,000 by the end of the parade.

This was the fifth such event in Washington in support of the Iranian protests organized by women, which are now in their sixth week.

Aram told AFP, “I think this is the biggest one.”

Some of the demonstrators were from different locations, including a 28-year-old Boston resident who went by the name Mahshid and was wearing a T-shirt that read, “Help free Iran.”

Mahshid, who left Iran three years ago to finish a master’s in architecture in the United States, stated, “We do not want this dictator regime anymore, who is restricting us from our simple human rights and from our freedom.”

She chose not to reveal her last name at the demonstration, like many others, out of concern for her relatives who still reside in Iran.

Amini died in police custody last month after being detained for allegedly violating Iran’s harsh dress code for women. The most significant protests in the Islamic Republic in years have been sparked by her death.


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