Three rescued from Chitral cable car stranded above river

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In Chitral on Tuesday, a team of rescue personnel freed three persons who were trapped in a chairlift after one of its ropes broke, bringing to mind the dramatic Battagram rescue operation for the area’s hilly terrain.

In the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa district’s Kuragh neighbourhood, the cable car was suspended over the Chitral River.

As the three people aboard were successfully rescued, they watched as the cable car was pulled through a different line. The rescue effort was carried out by the disaster management team.

The event was reported days after a cable car carrying seven schoolchildren and an adult became stuck on August 22 between the two mountain villages of Jhangri Pashto and Battangi in the Allai tehsil of the Battagram district.

After 15 hours of searching for a way to save them, they were found by the Pakistan Army Aviation, Pakistan Air Force, Pakistan Army ground forces, district administration, and locals. Officials claim that the rescuers followed a zero-error operating philosophy.